Interdependence (Wood STAR)

A life-size puzzle made of 8′ tall interlocking wood pieces that will be installed at our Park Garden site in 2015

As a part of our Crossroads proposal we developed a public art installation, Interdependence. It is a life-size puzzle made of 8′ tall interlocking wood pieces that is installed at our Park Garden site on 30th and Park.


Interdependence consist of one large star sculpture (six interlocking pieces) in a
small urban pocket park located in Indianapolis. Interdependence is meant to
provoke people to see and appreciate the invisible people and places in their
lives—those people and places we encounter every day but are invisible to us.
The quiet kid in school, the co-worker in the elevator, the neighbor you don’t know.
The people we make invisible, but who are part of our everyday lives.
Interdependence is about individuals holding each other up, working
together to create—something wonderful.


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.38.01 AM