Park Garden

The Park Garden is a new permaculture demonstration garden and open space with fruit trees, bushes and vines at 30th and Park Avenue in Mapleton Fall Creek’s 20/21 LEED ND Community.

In an area that is under-served in terms of the availability of healthy food and green space, Urban Patch developed the Park Garden.  We have been working with the neighborhood development corporation, MFCDC, and a community garden group, Fall Creek Gardens, to ensure that our project works well with other efforts in the community, and we are positive the project will be a success.

If you are in the Indianapolis area, you can also contact us at to volunteer.  Thanks!

The garden uses permaculture ‘guilds’ with fruit trees and bushes, as well as native plant species. As it matures, the garden will provide a more naturalized and informal setting while also providing for food and beautification in the community.  While most of the garden will be planted with upper-story fruit trees, lower-story bushes and vines, and ground cover and native plants, there will also be a small low-mow green “front yard” space for passive use and gatherings.


The garden will be primarily an educational garden; we will encourage our friends and neighbors to use this garden as a learning tool for growing healthy food and also as a forum for community interaction. Those with the interest can take what they learn to their own yards (patches) or other larger-scale community gardens in the city to produce food for their families and neighbors.

Phase 1 Planting Plan: