Preservation at the Crossroads

Urban Patch is proud to announce that we will be leading TWO sessions at the upcoming 2013 National Preservation Conference in Indianapolis.  We will lead a field session in our own Mapleton Fall Creek community highlighting the role of historic preservation in community redevelopment and partnerships.

New Partnerships Re-Boot the Inner City

Older neighborhoods that have suffered long-term economic and social disinvestment can face the large-scale demolition of historic structures and the resulting tracts of vacant land or incompatible development. Look at an innovative model that uses partnerships to pursue inclusive revitalization strategies. Explore how historic preservation and cultural heritage partners can engage with a broad range of community members, neighborhood organizations, and anchor institutions to help initiate and promote sustainable neighborhoods. (bus and walking)

Second we will participate in a panel on innovated crowdfunding and crowd resourcing platforms Fundrise and Ioby.

The conference promises to be a great event and great opportunity to see Indy at its best!

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