New Skillshare Class – Mural Design: Painting on Walls

Urban Patch’s Creative Director John Moore designed and painted the beautiful Sunflower Mural on 3oth and Central. If you’d like to learn how he did it, he is offering a new Skillshare class on mural design.

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Murals are found everywhere, energizing interiors and electrifying exteriors of schools, homes and businesses. Mural painting is enjoying a revival — communities have once again embraced murals as unifying public art. Murals are a great way to decorate, inspire, educate and amaze.

Painting on Walls is an in-depth class covering everything you need to know about creating large-scale artwork on walls. This class is brimming with essential practical information and techniques for aspiring muralists.

What You’ll Learn

In this class I’ll walkthrough my mural painting process as I complete a section of the mural below.

  • Idea generation. Mural design idea generation and mood board creation.
  • Image development. Scaling up your design
  • Mural materials. Using an opaque projector to outline your mural design
  • Mural methods. Prep and paint a mural from start to finish
  • Conclusion. Graffiti proofing your mural.

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