We Started Here

We have had an incredible year at Urban Patch. Thanks to many friends, collaborators and organizations we think we have made real progress in making the inner city better.  One of our earliest collaborators and supporters is ioby.org, a national organization that does crowd funding and resourcing for urban and environmental projects. In fact, our Park Garden was one of their first projects outside of New York City.

Over the summer, ioby and Good Eye Video assembled a tour of people and projects across the country around the betterment of communities that have faced serious economic and social challenges. Our story is just one of many, and we look forward to seeing the full feature. For more information view the trailer below, or visit http://ioby.org/WeStartedHere.

We Started Here (Trailer) from ioby on Vimeo.


  • We congratulate each of you on a spectacular project and selfless sacrifice for the good of others.

    Judith & Al TyreeNovember 17, 2014

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