Poem – Mr. Robert Green Sr.

We walked a Louisiana mile with Mr. Robert Green,
In November of twenty fifteen,
On vacation with my brothers, we went to see the infamous levee,
Then our trip became inspirationally heavy,
Walking in search of the truth and we found it,
On Tennessee Street (call it fate) we were astounded,
Mr. Green saw and welcomed us to the 9th Ward,
We were humbled and educated as he gave us a tour,
Of a neighborhood that ten years ago was completely ruined by flood water,
He was about my age when he lost his mother and granddaughter,
I stood amazed as he told us his truth,
If there’s an example of God’s grace, Mr. Green is living proof,
Tested and blessed with life after disaster,
Living proof that one’s foundation can be shaken, then rebuilt anew like lumber and plaster,
Blessed, enlightened and humbled,
I’m so glad that we stumbled,
Down Tennessee Street,
And had the pleasure to meet,
Mr. Robert Green Sr.

Mr. Robert Green, Justin G.Moore, John G. Moore Jr.

Mr. Robert Green, Justin G.Moore, John G. Moore Jr.

Nov 2015 9th Ward2


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    Jason MooreNovember 27, 2015

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