2016 – The year of (shared) ideas and solutions

Urban Patch’s goal is to make the American inner city better.  We have done so (since 2011) with various projects in the greater Indianapolis area. For 2016, Urban Patch will give away something better than money – ideas and solutions – for free!  Some may be useful, other’s half-baked, but they are all the same price for you (our readers) – $0.

January 2016 – Two Ideas for your car/truck/SUV/CUV, or minivan:

1. Do-it-yourself head’s up display: Cost to make = $7

  • Go to the dollar store and buy (1) plastic mirror and some Velcro strips
  • Cut the mirror into a 2-in by 2-in square
  • Attach the Velcro strips to the top of your vehicles steering column and the back of the mirror
  • At night, the reflection of your vehicle’s speedometer will appear on your windshield.

Heads Up Display








2. Cell phone holder/Navigation display: Cost a plastic zipper sandwich/snack bag

  • Get a plastic zipper snack bag (or sandwich bag for phablets), and tape it (with Duct Tape or packing tape) to your steering wheel. You might not be able to see your speedometer,  but you will not have to reach for your phone when it falls on the floor!

cell phone holder











Please visit our Urban Patch Blog monthly for more free ideas and solutions.  For 2016, our ideas are your ideas – “Wedeas”, “Ourdeas”, “UPdeas”! Feel free com comment on any of the ideas and add your own ideas and suggestions.

By the way, if you somehow take one (or more) of these ideas and make millions of dollars from it (them), please give Urban Patch some credit and a generous donation!

Do Something!

Urban Patch Team

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