April UP Idea – Free Twist Tie Action Figures

Make free action figures from twist ties!
1. Get 10-20 twist ties from your local grocery store’s produce department or from a box of plastic trash bags.
2. Twist two twist ties into an “X”
3. Fold a third twist tie in half and twist it off to make a head and neck.
4. Add more twist ties to give your character “body armor”.
5. Give your action figure a cool name: Green Mummy Ninja, Master Candy Cane Crunch, Twist McFist, Hefty-Hefty-Hefty, PaperWire (Mercenary for hire), (APCWN) A Pipe Cleaners Worst Nightmare, or come up with your own.
6. Make a second Twist Tie Toy following steps 1-5.
Bonus: Take pictures with a camera then put them in PowerPoint and create your own action sequence like this (click on the picture below to see the whole action sequence):

twist Tie FU

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