Indy Rain Gardens Installation in Meridian Park

Our final project for Phase 1 of the Urban Patch for 2012 is the installation of one of our Indy Rain Gardens, located at the Delaware Projectin Historic Meridian Park.  The lot is located at the bottom of a hill and takes on a lot of stormwater runoff from the roof of the house, and also from the adjacent lot.  This has caused problems over time at the building’s foundations.

With consultation from Leslie White, Backyard Conservation Coordinator at the Fall Creek Watershed Partnership, we created a plan for three rain gardens on the Delaware lot that will allow for stormwater to be diverted to rain gardens on-site.  The project will serve as a demonstration as to how rain gardens can be utilized on a typical Indianapolis urban residential lot.

John Sr. and John Jr. got to play with the “Ditch Witch” to dig the trenches needed to get the water from the downspouts at the house to the new rain gardens (minimum 10′ away).


Our friends at Fall Creek Gardens installed their rain garden this summer with the help of volunteers.  As you can see, you don’t need heavy equipment to install a rain garden! 🙂


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