Stone Soup Kitchen: Canning Workshop on October 15th


Urban Patch’s Stone Soup Kitchen will be hosting its first canning workshop this week.

The workshop will be located at the Broadway United Methodist Church, 609 E. 29th St., Indianapolis. IN 46205.

The workshop begins at 9:00 am and should last about 3.5 – 4 hrs.   Each student should bring an apron and something to cover their hair (a hair net, scarf or baseball cap).  SSK will be providing all of the ingredients and jars for this workshop. Our partners at Big Car will bring the tomatoes.  (About 10 pounds of Green Tomatoes – see recipes below for details.)

Each recipe will be prepared in teams, 2-3 people per team (Depending on how many show for the session)

We will be preparing –

1.  Hot Pickled Green Tomatoes  (3 pounds of green tomatoes)

2.  Green Tomato Relish    (2 pounds of green tomatoes)

3.  Dilled Green Tomatoes    (5 pounds of small, firm green tomatoes)


Contact Joyce for more information.

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