July – The Fruit of our Urban Patch labor

The fruits from our Urban Patch, Grown from sweat, grit, and seeds from scratch, With only three days of summer rain, The water bill caused our bank account some minor strain, We battled bugs, spiders, and beetles that I’ve never seen, And also learned that I can survive angry wasp and bee stings, But in the […]

Urban Patch Jeopardy


May Idea: Programmable/Rechargeable Scrolling LED Screen ($10)

Programmable/Rechargeable Scrolling LED Screen Application Programmable sign to update announcements, sales targets, news, etc., on a wall at work, church, school, etc. Instructions 1. Go to Amazon.com and buy a $10 LED Nametag (Link to buy the LED Nametag that I use). 2. Connect it to your computer, install the software, type in your message, […]

April UP Idea – Free Twist Tie Action Figures

Make free action figures from twist ties! 1. Get 10-20 twist ties from your local grocery store’s produce department or from a box of plastic trash bags. 2. Twist two twist ties into an “X” 3. Fold a third twist tie in half and twist it off to make a head and neck. 4. Add […]

We Started Here

post from ioby.org We Started Here is ioby’s multimedia storytelling series exploring the work of neighborhood leaders across the country. Video and photography by Dan Lane and Erin Moore of GoodEye Video. Written by Tobin Hack. When Justin Moore thinks of his grandfather, he sees him hard at work on a “project,” pouring and forming concrete in […]

February UP Idea – The Zoe Handle

One evening a year ago, I picked up my daughter Zoe from daycare, and noticed that all of her friends had the same problem that she had – getting into the back seat of their parent’s car, truck, or SUV.  There is nothing for our little ones to hold onto when they are getting into […]

Justin Moore in Belize – February 2016

US Team of Urban Planners in Belize to Tackle Yarborough

Poem – Mr. Robert Green Sr.

We walked a Louisiana mile with Mr. Robert Green, In November of twenty fifteen, On vacation with my brothers, we went to see the infamous levee, Then our trip became inspirationally heavy, Walking in search of the truth and we found it, On Tennessee Street (call it fate) we were astounded, Mr. Green saw and […]

Black in Design Conference at Harvard

In recent months there has been increasing awareness and discussion around the built environment’s impact on a number of complex social and economic issues that also intersect with race and class. Architecture critic James Russell has written about Ferguson and even New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman has written about Eric Garner. This momentum for […]

FREE Redbud Tree Giveaway October 17th! Sign up today!

Using funds from our 5×5 Indy grant and working with the Purdue Extension, Urban Patch will be providing FREE redbud trees for Mapleton-Fall Creek residents and businesses on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Please use our online contact form to REQUEST A TREE. Below is the link  to inform you of the project and to […]