THE CITY OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE MAYOR NEW YORK, NY 10007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 13, 2016 CONTACT:, (212) 788-2958 MAYOR DE BLASIO ANNOUNCES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE PUBLIC DESIGN COMMISSION NEW YORK––Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced Justin Moore as Executive Director of the Public Design Commission. Justin Moore has […]

April UP Idea – Free Twist Tie Action Figures

Make free action figures from twist ties! 1. Get 10-20 twist ties from your local grocery store’s produce department or from a box of plastic trash bags. 2. Twist two twist ties into an “X” 3. Fold a third twist tie in half and twist it off to make a head and neck. 4. Add […]

February UP Idea – The Zoe Handle

One evening a year ago, I picked up my daughter Zoe from daycare, and noticed that all of her friends had the same problem that she had – getting into the back seat of their parent’s car, truck, or SUV.  There is nothing for our little ones to hold onto when they are getting into […]

Using Design to Scale

By John G. Moore, Creative Director Public art is not often thought of in the same vein as internet scalability—but it should be. Scaling applications and public artwork are one in the same. Artist scale things all the time—we are masters of scaling. Venture capitalists and Internet founders should hire more artists. We know what […]


Interdependence consist of one large star sculpture (six interlocking pieces) in a small urban pocket park located in Indianapolis. Interdependence is meant to provoke people to see and appreciate the invisible people and places in their lives—those people and places we encounter every day but are invisible to us. The quiet kid in school, the […]

Shortridge 150th Anniversary Concert April 10th!

  The Shortridge Alumni Association  continues its schedule of upcoming events to celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary with an appearance of the 16-member Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO) on Friday, April 10, 6-9PM (ET). MYO will Caleb Mills Auditorium along with a guest performance by 17-year-old Jeremy Green, a nationally known violist for his renditions […]

30th Street Project & Broadway Garden

We happy to announce that we have closed on the purchase of a Renew Indianapolis (Indy Land Bank) building and lot on 30th Street and Broadway in our Mapleton Fall Creek community, just one block away from our existing Park Garden. We will renovate the building and use a portion of the vacant lot as […]


As a part of our Crossroads proposal John developed a temporary art installation titled the WoodStar. It is a life-size puzzle made of 8′ tall interlocking wood pieces that will be installed at our Park Garden site on 30th and Park Spring of 2015 and later at the Ruckle Redbud Grove.

“10 Words” Mural at Forest Manor Service Center

We recently helped create and install a new urban art project at the Forest Manor Service Center with United Way of Central Indianapolis’ #GenNow leadership volunteers.

New Skillshare Class – Mural Design: Painting on Walls

Urban Patch’s Creative Director John Moore designed and painted the beautiful Sunflower Mural on 3oth and Central. If you’d like to learn how he did it, he is offering a new Skillshare class on mural design. Sign up today on                 Murals are found everywhere, energizing interiors and […]