The Corner – Naptown

On the corner early 80s always waiting outside, Claim you never had a Curl, fool yous a lie, Mines was like Michael Jackson and Prince in they prime, We was just boys in the hood, barely committed a crime, Franklin Township Schools stole our education and dime, Progress paid for by black folks’ money and […]

2016 – The year of (shared) ideas and solutions

Urban Patch’s goal is to make the American inner city better.  We have done so (since 2011) with various projects in the greater Indianapolis area. For 2016, Urban Patch will give away something better than money – ideas and solutions – for free!  Some may be useful, other’s half-baked, but they are all the same […]

Poem – Mr. Robert Green Sr.

We walked a Louisiana mile with Mr. Robert Green, In November of twenty fifteen, On vacation with my brothers, we went to see the infamous levee, Then our trip became inspirationally heavy, Walking in search of the truth and we found it, On Tennessee Street (call it fate) we were astounded, Mr. Green saw and […]

Black in Design Conference at Harvard

In recent months there has been increasing awareness and discussion around the built environment’s impact on a number of complex social and economic issues that also intersect with race and class. Architecture critic James Russell has written about Ferguson and even New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman has written about Eric Garner. This momentum for […]

FREE Redbud Tree Giveaway October 17th! Sign up today!

Using funds from our 5×5 Indy grant and working with the Purdue Extension, Urban Patch will be providing FREE redbud trees for Mapleton-Fall Creek residents and businesses on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Please use our online contact form to REQUEST A TREE. Below is the link  to inform you of the project and to […]

From Food Desert to Urban Oasis

We hear a lot about food deserts that impact many of our urban communities throughout the United States. At Urban Patch we are developing an initiative that will take on this critical issue with our local community and local farmers.  As we develop the program we hope to make a real and immediate impact on […]

Using Design to Scale

By John G. Moore, Creative Director Public art is not often thought of in the same vein as internet scalability—but it should be. Scaling applications and public artwork are one in the same. Artist scale things all the time—we are masters of scaling. Venture capitalists and Internet founders should hire more artists. We know what […]


Interdependence consist of one large star sculpture (six interlocking pieces) in a small urban pocket park located in Indianapolis. Interdependence is meant to provoke people to see and appreciate the invisible people and places in their lives—those people and places we encounter every day but are invisible to us. The quiet kid in school, the […]

On Loving Our Cities

Justin Garrett Moore of Urban Patch gave a talk at CreativeMornings Indianapolis, April 2015. Topics discussed included cities, humility, love, and even gentrification. The presentation also highlighted our Indy Redbud Project. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at

Shortridge 150th Anniversary Concert April 10th!

  The Shortridge Alumni Association  continues its schedule of upcoming events to celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary with an appearance of the 16-member Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO) on Friday, April 10, 6-9PM (ET). MYO will Caleb Mills Auditorium along with a guest performance by 17-year-old Jeremy Green, a nationally known violist for his renditions […]