THE CITY OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE MAYOR NEW YORK, NY 10007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 13, 2016 CONTACT:, (212) 788-2958 MAYOR DE BLASIO ANNOUNCES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE PUBLIC DESIGN COMMISSION NEW YORK––Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced Justin Moore as Executive Director of the Public Design Commission. Justin Moore has […]

March UP Idea – Kitty Litter Catcher

Do you have a pet cat?  We do, his name is Othello, and he is 13 years old.  He is a very messy cat who always tracks kitty litter on the floor outside of his litter box – like two to three times per day.  So I usually spend a few minutes each day/week sweeping […]

February UP Idea – The Zoe Handle

One evening a year ago, I picked up my daughter Zoe from daycare, and noticed that all of her friends had the same problem that she had – getting into the back seat of their parent’s car, truck, or SUV.  There is nothing for our little ones to hold onto when they are getting into […]

2016 – The year of (shared) ideas and solutions

Urban Patch’s goal is to make the American inner city better.  We have done so (since 2011) with various projects in the greater Indianapolis area. For 2016, Urban Patch will give away something better than money – ideas and solutions – for free!  Some may be useful, other’s half-baked, but they are all the same […]

From Food Desert to Urban Oasis

We hear a lot about food deserts that impact many of our urban communities throughout the United States. At Urban Patch we are developing an initiative that will take on this critical issue with our local community and local farmers.  As we develop the program we hope to make a real and immediate impact on […]

Using Design to Scale

By John G. Moore, Creative Director Public art is not often thought of in the same vein as internet scalability—but it should be. Scaling applications and public artwork are one in the same. Artist scale things all the time—we are masters of scaling. Venture capitalists and Internet founders should hire more artists. We know what […]

“10 Words” Mural at Forest Manor Service Center

We recently helped create and install a new urban art project at the Forest Manor Service Center with United Way of Central Indianapolis’ #GenNow leadership volunteers.

Shortridge H.S. Learning Gardens

                      We are working with Shortridge High School and the Shortridge High School Alumni Association to make improvements to the school to improve its urban environment and environmental education opportunities. With the generous help of volunteers and a grant to the school through Butler University’s […]

Indy Star: Inspiring urban neighborhoods is a family affair

Inspiring urban neighborhoods is a family affair By Erika D. Smith “It really started with this picture of my grandfather.” Justin Moore fished around in the pocket of his suit jacket for his smartphone. He tapped the screen a few times, and found a black and white photo of a distinguished-looking, balding black man. The […]

Join us at the 2013 National Preservation Conference!

Re-Booting the Inner City: New Partnerships for Historic Preservation October 31, 2013, 8:15am-1:15pm Urban communities often suffer from the demolition of historic structures and incompatible development. How do preservation-based strategies play out in the communities they are designed to improve? You’ll hear from residents in Indianapolis’ Mapleton-Fall Creek area on the innovative partnerships and grassroots strategies […]